Minecraft Anti-BOT

We recently added an anti-BOT system included in the anti-DDoS protection, this is compatible with Velocity and any fork of Bungeecord (Waterfall, Flamecord, and more). Ensuring an additional layer of security for your server, this solution is designed to work seamlessly, protecting your gaming experience while safeguarding your server from large BOT attacks.

To ensure the proper functionality of the anti-BOT protection, it is essential to install a plugin on your proxy. This plugin plays a crucial role in identifying the BOT attacks and swiftly notifying the anti-DDoS API system.


You can download the plugin directly from the following link: Bungeecord/Velocity/Paper.


The plugin installation is straightforward and quick. After downloading the appropriate .jar file, simply place it in the plugins folder of your proxy and restart the server. Once this operation is completed, the anti-BOT system will be operational and will start protecting your server from medium/large BOT attacks. If you want you can customize some options via the configuration file or via console commands (/lha), through which you can also obtain information about the current status of the anti-BOT protection.

It is important to point out that this system does not block slow-bot attacks but only medium-large BOT attacks, make sure to use the default port (25565).

If you have any questions or need assistance during the installation or configuration of the plugin, do not hesitate to open a ticket.

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